The MoA group

The Mode of Action (MoA) group undertakes drug target deconvolution studies with phenotypically-active, anti-parasitic compounds. Using a matrix of established and new methodologies in the fields of high-throughput genetics, cell biology/biochemistry and chemical proteomics, we determine the mechanism(s) and specific molecular targets of active compounds. The principal goal of the group is to feed much-needed chemically-validated drug targets into drug discovery programmes to facilitate target-based drug discovery. In uncovering the MoA of these compounds, we have the potential to identify exploitable drug targets and the ability to generate chemical and biological tools that can be used to study fundamental parasite biology.

The MoA group is embedded within the Wellcome Centre for Anti-Infectives Research (WCAIR) . The Centre is a world-leading hub for neglected tropical disease drug discovery at the University of Dundee. Our group’s research is vital in supporting the drug discovery efforts within WCAIR. In particular, we work closely with our colleagues in the world-renowned Drug Discovery Unit (DDU), also part of WCAIR. 

Awarded GSK’s 2017 STOP award
“Impact and value of science-led decisions in allowing reinvestment of valuable resources into transformative medicines”
School of Life Sciences, University of Dundee


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